Sweden has a long-lasting trade relationship with the United Kingdom. Throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, approximately 1,200 Swedish and Swedish-related companies have established an office, and there are many more businesses that export from Sweden to the UK.


The UK has a plethora of industries and a healthy climate for start-ups to grow a successful business. With the City of London, it is also home to one of the largest financial centres in the world. There are not only lots of opportunities for Swedish companies to do business, but the UK also functions as a stepping-stone for international expansion, especially in sectors where Swedish companies can make a real difference. 这些领域的例子是能源和清洁技术, healthcare and life sciences, consumer goods and retail, and infrastructure and ICT.

Possible challenges

Swedish businesses see the UK as a good reference market for activities elsewhere in the world. 但是你可以在我们对Trade的采访中读到 & 投资专员古斯塔夫Bergström, 未来还有潜在的挑战, with the uncertainties connected to Brexit threatening the smooth business climate.

How we can help

Business Sweden has been present in London since 1973 and has established a strong network in both the business world and government services. In our London office, we also offer strategic advice and operational support in the Republic of Ireland.


Gustaf Bergström

日博备用网站区域总监,NEA贸易专员 & 英国地区经理 & Ireland

The UK has always been a strong trading partner for Sweden and the geographical proximity, large market size and low entry barriers have encouraged many businesses to establish an office in the UK. 日博备用网站作为一个国家在英国有着稳固的品牌声誉. Swedish companies see the UK as a market for benchmarking their activities against those of other companies in a multinational and competitive environment. Often the country is seen as a springboard for doing business in other parts of the world. 多亏了大量的风险投资家, 家族办公室和商业天使, London is also a major hub for companies that are looking for investors.

What are the risks and challenges companies may face in the UK?

The UK is generally known as a place where it is easy to do business. However, there is currently some uncertainty regarding the potential effects of Brexit, Britain's exit from the EU. We proactively monitor the development and help companies to prepare their business for different scenarios. 英国也是一个竞争相对激烈的日博备用网站, so it might take a long time before you close your first deal.


In the United Kingdom, 组织通常有更分层的结构, and Brits are usually not as direct as we are in Sweden during business meetings. In the UK, business culture is strongly driven by networking. Maintaining sustainable relationships with your stakeholders will help you in the long run. Therefore, as a long-term strategy, focus on creating relevant contacts and regularly follow up after meetings with business associates.

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